Balanced Organizing Solutions

"Brenda's presentation was an amazing overview on how to simplify and organize. She gave our attendees useful tools and techniques that are easy to incorporate into any lifestyle, to get just about anyone on the right track to getting organized, and in the process saving them time and money." 
- Karin Tomcik, Assistant Company Manager


I cannot thank you enough for coming to speak with us. The information you provided was so valuable. I think everyone received some very helpful tips to help their businesses (and personal lives) run just a little smoother. 
Group, if you are not on Brenda's email list, I encourage you to go to her website and sign up. Thank you to all of you for your great questions. 

Kelly K. Welter, CPA
Serl Keefer Welter CPAs, LLP

When a business, association or team of individuals must advance actions and systems to support collective growth and progress, a workshop can meet your needs.

Workshops are hands-on learning for attendees to design organizing solutions for their professional and/or personal lives.

We deliver Online and In-person Workshops to provide the most flexibility for you and your company schedules. Topics include specific workshops for your industry or group, Online Workshops, Topic Workshops, Industry or Group Specific Workshops and Accomplishment Journal Workshops.