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31 Days to an Organized Life:
Regain Your Sanity in Just One Month of Simple Actions


Today's chaotic daily lifestyle leaves one feeling frustrated and stressed. The various demands of life are huge boulders stuck in an unsatisfying rut, difficult to budge and seem to get bigger each day. If you are like most people, you just want a spark to help get things started in creating a more simplified and manageable daily life so Brenda compiled simple actions that you can easily complete in one month and gets your organizational ball rolling.

Will your whole life be organized after one month? We know that's quite a tall order, but what we do know is that your life will be heading in the right direction. Your life will become one that is more streamlined, easier to manage and opens the door for more happiness and satisfaction. Organization supports those qualities by saving you time, saving you money and saving your sanity!

What makes 31 Days to an Organized Life easy to implement is that you get to decide how it will work in your life. Brenda Prinzavalli, The Organizing Guru, wants you to have a simplified and easier life. Each day you get to select the mini-organizing project for that day. Some of these tasks might only take you 15 minutes and some might take you an hour or more. The benefit is that you know which day affords you the opportunity to complete each mini-project. There is also no getting around the big bonus of being able to pick the one you are in the mood to complete. Being engaged with a positive state of mind about the day's project will support you in creating your most desired results!