5 T's of preparation for Marketing Organized


Marketing Organized  -  Keep Customers for Life!

Marketing Organized guides you through implementing proven marketing strategies via an organized process. Brenda Prinzavalli shares each area of expertise in a complete marketing approach.

Your Marketing Curriculum for Success

Your Marketing Organized Kit 
will become your personalized Business Marketing System Manual. As you work through each retention marketing strategy and you follow the steps provided, you will end up with your own personal manual and step by step guide to marketing your business.

Your Marketing Organized Kit includes:

1) Workbook

  • Introduction and How To Use this guide
  • Get Your Database in Shape Guide
  • Stay in the Front of their Mind
  • How to Get the Second Order
  • Make it Easy to do Business Again

2) Audio CD   Four 30 Minute Recordings

  • First is guidance on each Retention Marketing Strategy
  • Second part of each is Brenda's guidance on how to be organized about implementing each Retention Marketing Strategy

3) Document CD     

  • Samples of each Retention Marketing Strategy
  • Checklists for each Retention Marketing Strategy
  • Forms and Tools

Balanced Organizing Solutions

The 5 T’s of organized preparation for Marketing Organized!

When you are getting prepared to do a marketing project, there are 5 T’s you need to consider.

  • Teachers
  • Type
  • Target
  • Time
  • Touch Back

I’m not suggesting you have to go sign up for a degree in marketing. What I am suggesting is that you need to look to someone who has experience in marketing for effective strategies? You can certainly arrive with your own ideas, but are they proven and profitable?

What type of marketing will you do? There are numerous choices for marketing projects and all too often people pick one or two or more projects without assessing the type of project that will give them the best results.

Identify your target as they have such a strong impact on what you do, how you do it and what results you will have from your marketing project.

There are many time factors for any marketing project. When is the best time to implement it? How long will it take to prepare it? What is the duration of the project? How long before you expect results? All time factors that need to be considered as you prepare any marketing project.

Touch Back
One of the most important that can seal the success of a marketing project. How will clients and customers touch back to you for products or services? How easy will it be for them to do that? What type of follow up or second touch will you have with clients?

Solutions for you:
Marketing Organized provides you with great teachers, Richelle Shaw for marketing and Brenda Prinzavalli for organizing who will assist you with implementing proven strategies for your success.